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Suzdalskaya str., 8
153011, Ivanovo,
Russian Federation
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“Ivanovo Textile-Haberdashery Factory”, JSC is a leading manufacturer of narrow-dimensional textile goods in Russian Federation. It is equipped with foreign and Russian equipment for manufacture and further finish of different kinds of cords (dyeing, impregnation, etc.). In “CORDS” section one can find information on the main grouped range.

All the shipped cords are accompanied with the technical sheets with the color fastness data and chemical impregnation components content norms in compliance with the requirements to legal and technical documentation.

A more detailed information on different kinds of cords characteristics (such as manufacture in compliance with Federal Standard, Branch Standards, Technical Terms, buyer’s technical task; physics-mechanical characteristics, use and types of finish), as well as on other data for the cords as sleeve cords, nylon cords, cotton cords and other cords one can obtain by going through the “CORDS” section or by sending an e-mail enquiry or by phone, indicated on our web site.